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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you survive on just raw food?

Yes, you can! You can not only survive, you can THRIVE! All the best nutrients are found in raw fruit and veggies! There is no nutritional value in cooked grains, meat and dairy. These food items actually cause your body to become acidic and toxic! When you begin to incorporate raw fruit and veggies into your diet, you will see the advantages within the first 24 hours. There may be some initial detoxing that your body has to do to get rid of the years of pathogenic poisoning, but once you realize and see for yourself the many benefits of eating raw, you will never turn back. It is absolutely doable to obtain all the required macro and micro nutrients on a raw plant-based diet that is low fat with plenty of good quality fresh fruit.

Isn't eating so much fruit bad for you?

No, it is the best thing you can do for your body. As you become accustomed to consuming more fruit, you will find that it does get easier. The large quantity of fruit is to ensure that you get adequate calories. As all foods are converted to sugar, fruit requires the least amount of energy to do this. Fruit comes perfectly "packaged" and ready to eat. It is easliy digestible, providing all the nutrients necessary for a healthy life.

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