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Protein's true function

December 17, 2017

Protein’s true function and the need for protein has been largely exaggerated.


Taking note that mother’s milk is approximately only 6% protein for a growing baby should show you that adults don’t require more than this. Yes, Amino Acids are the building blocks and repairers of the body but can easily be obtained from a varied plant-based diet. A truly balanced raw plant-based diet of 80% carbohydrates from mostly sweet fruit and a few vegetables, 10% Fat and 10% Protein (also obtainable from fruit, vegetables and nuts/seeds), will provide you the best chance of a healthy life.


 The percentages suggested of 10% (maximum) of Protein is not too low. Nutritional and International guidelines build a safety margin into their calculations - to include the digestibility and quality of protein and fat. Even athletes that are training have sufficient protein at 10% when they are obtaining their energy from carbohydrates.


Most people suffer from an overdose of protein and fat each day causing many health conditions: constipation, digestive issues, impaired liver functions, kidney failure, osteoporosis.


Generally, plant-based protein rich foods (legumes, seeds, nuts) are highly acid-forming for us  - their predominant acidic minerals (chlorine, phosphorus, sulfur) will cause the body to try and maintain homeostasis by taking calcium out of the blood and then replacing it from our bones and teeth.



However, fruit and vegetables contain just the right amount to build and maintain our body.


It is easy to ensure that the correct intake of protein (even from a diet of fruit and vegetables only) will have you averaging about 5% protein. 


If you have any questions or issues with your health, get in touch now and let me help you.




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